Amazing GS Perennial Ryegrass



Superior Overall Turf Quality

Dark Green Genetic Color

Slower Growing

Improved Spring Green-Up

Dense, Upright Growth

Overall Disease Resistance

Excellent Gray Leaf Spot Resistance


Amazing GS ranks top in the newest NTEP, especially in the Northeast where Gray Leaf Spot varieties are most desired. AMAZING GS also has shown improved resistance to other diseases such as dollar spot, red thread and snow mold. AMAZING GS exhibits sensational spring green up. It has a rating of 8.0 in the Poa annua trial, which means less potential of poa annua invasion in the turf stand.

Amazing GS can be confidently recommended for a wide range of applications including golf course tees and fairways, sod farms, athletic fields and parks, and home lawns.

Other Info

Amazing GS Gray Leaf Spot Data

New Lawn Seeding Rates
7-10 lbs/1,000 sq ft

Overseeding Rates
Greens: 30-40 lbs/1,000 sq ft Fairways/Tees: 10-15 lbs/1,000 sq ft

Turf Performance Data - NTEP 2004-2006 Data*

2004-2006 NTEP Data
Turf Quality Summary Genetic Color Leaf Texture Traffic Stress Ithaca, NY
High Mean 6.1 7.9 6.7 4.3
Amazing GS 6.1 6.9 6.2 4.3
Fiesta 4 6.1 6.8 5.9 3.1
Silver Dollar 6.1 6.6 5.2 4.2
Paragon GLR 6 6.7 6.3 3.6
Gray Star 5.8 6.5 5.7 3.8
Low Mean 4.6 3 5 2.4
LSD 0.2 0.3 0.6 1.5

*The NTEP uses a rating system and statistical analysis to score grasses. For complete details, visit: