Cortez II Turf Type Tall Fescue


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Strong wear tolerance

Drought & disease resistant

Ideal for golf courses/lawns

Fine, narrow-bladed leaves

Dense, slow growth

Dark green color


Cortez II is strong and resilient, withstanding low mowing, heavy traffic, drought and diseases, including: Red Thread, Leaf Spot, Typhula Blight, and Pythium.

Cortez II had the highest ranking for Turf Quality in the Advanta Seed Research trials conducted in Fayetteville, NC, scoring 6.4 out of 9!

Cortez II will hold its rich green color well into late fall. It will withstand cold winters and hot summers, providing you with a beautiful, low maintenance lawn year 'round.

Cortez II is an excellent choice for home lawns, golf courses, sod fields, sports fields, parks, and other applications where a dense, slow-growing lawn is desired.

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