Fults Alkali Grass


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Grows in salty soils

Dark green low growth

Withstands low mowing

Excellent turf quality

Low maintenance

Quickly reseeds


Fults is a dark green, low growing perennial bunchgrass. Its color tends to get darker on alkaline soils. It can be maintained at a mowing height of 1/2-2".

Fults is being used extensively for roadside seedings where winter road salting is a common practice. It is also used on golf course fairways, parks and home lawns where the soil pH levels are high. Fults has been used in the Salt Lake City area where no other grasses would grow. It combines well with other grasses and legumes in mixtures.

Fults can be used for soil stabilization and erosion control. If left un-mowed, it will readily re-seed itself. It is non-aggressive on neutral and acid soils. Fults does best when mixed with slender red fescue, perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass. This combination gives an even transition from salty to neutral soils.