Goliath Forage Tall Fescue


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Endophyte Free


Drought & Heat Tolerant

High Feed Quality

Excellent Regrowth

Produces Large Amounts of Lush Forage


GOLIATH is a new Tall Fescue variety to CONQUER the market. GOLIATH is an endophyte-free tall fescue, with good rust resistance. GOLIATH has a high nutritive value making this an excellent fall stockpiled feed.

Management Tips:

GOLIATH is a deep-rooted, perennial grass that is productive, drought and heat tolerant. It is best suited to high fertility and heavy soils, withstanding acid, alkaline and poorly drained soils. Best growth is achieved during spring and fall seasons, with moderate growth during the summer season. Grazing control in spring should be more frequent in order to prevent seed head development. Seed heads can be removed by mowing. Both endophyte free and novel endophyte varieties should not be over-grazed or harvested (closer than 5-6 inches) during the summer.
GOLIATH works well with white and red clover, as well as alfalfa. First harvest of hay should be cut in the late boot stage for high quality. Subsequent harvests can be made as growth permits. Fall stockpiling works extremely well with GOLIATH.

Grazing Tips:

GOLIATH is highly palatable; avoid over grazing. Graze at approximately 10-12 inches and remove animals when at 5-6 inches. GOLIATH is well adapted to many management schemes and growing conditions. As with any forage, management practices dictate the yield and quality of the forage nearly as much as the genetics of the product. With proper management practices, GOLIATH should provide high yielding, high quality forage that should result in improved producer profitability.

Method of Seeding & Seeding Rates:

Use a Brillion seeder, a no-till drill or broadcast followed by a culti-packer. Plant 1/4" deep.
New pasture: 25-30 lbs. /acre
Renovation/Overseeding existing pastures: 15-20 lbs. /acre

Other Info

Arlington Agricultural Research Station, Arlington, WISCONSIN, USA 2008
Seeding of Cool Season Grasses
Yield Trial
2008 harvested yield(tons/acre) 2008 Total^
Species Variety 4-Jul 26-Jul 6-Sep 12-Oct ton/a
Tall Fescue GOLIATH 0.49 1.76 2.11 0.92 5.28
Festulolium AMP EDR3 1.13 2.06 0.93 0.87 4.98
Tall fescue KY31+ 0.45 1.54 1.87 0.80 4.66
Festulolium SPRING GREEN 0.89 2.02 0.96 0.69 4.57
LSD 5%           1.3
CV %           13.4
^Variety means are LSMEANS derived from nearest neighbor statistical analysis. Therefore, season or multiple-year totals will not be the arithmetic sum of individual cuts or years, respectively.

Forage Yield of Tall Fescue Cultivars, Kansas State University Southeast Agriculture Research Center, 2007 (Seeded in 2003)
Cultivar 5/23/07 Tons/acre 8/28/07 Tons/acre 12/5/07 Tons/acre Total 2007 Tons/acre 4-Year Total
GOLIATH 2.20 1.28 1.73 5.20 15.87
Stockman 2.38 1.32 1.62 5.32 15.69
Tuscany II 2.53 1.41 1.51 5.45 15.65
Jessup MaxQ 2.40 1.28 1.43 5.11 15.23
KY-31 E+ 2.47 1.32 1.68 5.47 15.58
KY-31 E- 2.53 1.87 1.66 6.06 15.58