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Latest Generation New Zealand bred White Clover

Dry Matter Yield that Strengthens with Time

Large Leaves to Capture Sunglight and Drive Yields

More Yield = More Nitrogen Fixed

Perfect Rotational Grazing Option


Legacy is an exceptionally high-yielding large-leaf white clover. Its second and third year yields are outstanding compared to other cultivars. Legacy's vigorous growth improves its tolerance to clover root weevil, while its tall growth habit ensures it competes with ryegrass in a stand making it easy to harvest by cattle.

Other Info

Seeding Rates:
New hay fields/pasture: 2-4 lbs/acre in mixes

Renovation/Overseeding existing fields/pastures:
3-5 lbs/acre for pastures

Legacy large leaf white clover can be sown in autumn or spring and is best sown with erect growing species, such as ryegrass and tall fescue. The use of clover seed treatment will improve seedling establishment.

Method of Seeding:
Use of a Brillion seeder, a no-till drill or a culti-packer is ideal. Frost seeding also works well, especially if the animals are allowed to "hoof" if into the existing pasture. Seed to soil contact is vital to having a successful stand. Take caution to not plant the seed more than 1/4" deep. For best performance, Kopu II should lightly grazed frequently during establishment.

Performance and Leaf Size of Proprietary White Clover Cultivars
in Perennial Ryegrass Pasture at Four Locations,
Expressed as a Percentage of Kopu II
Cultivar Leaf Size
(Mean 3 trials)
Legacy 99 122 145 117 106
Kopu II 100 100 100 100 100
Weka 88 82 126 119 81
Kotare 90 80 129 82 86
Lsd 5% 8 21 22 3

Trials conducted by AgResearch. Clovers were grown in a diploid perennial AR37 grass.