Ninja 3 Turf Type Tall Fescue

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Outstanding Overall Turf Quality

Excellent Shade Tolerance

Very Dense Turf

Salt Tolerance

Improved Brown Patch Resistance

Excellent Sod Strength

Heat Tolerance

Drought Tolerance


Ninja 3 Turf Type Tall Fescue continues the Ninja tradition as a hard fighting variety demonstrating excellent shade tolerance, sod strength, and brown patch resistance as reported in the latest NTEP trial, 2008/2009 data.

Ninja 3 was rated front page quality when subjected to saline irrigation.

Saline Irrigation Las Cruses, NM
2008 NTEP Data
Variety Genetic Color Summer Cover Fall Cover Quality Mean
Ninja 3 7.7 96.7 87.3 7.0
Tulsa Time 7.7 80.0 94.3 6.1
Crossfire 3 8.0 77.0 92.3 6.0
Firecracker 7.7 83.0 84.3 5.9
Speedway 7.3 68.0 69.7 5.5
High 8.3 98.7 97.3. 7.4
Low 4.7 56.3 70.0 4.4

Ninja 3 also performed very well under shady conditions where Turf Type Tall Fescue has proven to survive where other species are unable to compete. This drought and heat tolerant variety provides a strong sod for a variety of turf uses.

Shade Trial 2009 NTEP Data
Variety % Fall Cover Quality Mean
Ninja 3 67.0 7.0
Raptor II 66.0 7.0
Firecracker 63.7 6.0
Gazelle II 34.7 4.7
High 79.3 7.8
Low 34.7 4.1

Brown Patch Trial 2009 NTEP
Variety Warm Temp Mean Cool Temp Mean
Ninja 3 6.6 5.7
Crossfire 3 6.6 5.2
Stetson II 6.6 5.6
Tahoe II 5.8 4.7
High 8.0 7.9
Low 5.7 3.2

Other Info

New Lawn Seeding Rates: 10-12 lbs / 1000 sq. ft.
Established Lawn Seeding Rates: 6-8 lbs. /1000 sq. ft.

Whether using Ninja 3 straight or including it in your mixes, Ninja 3 will produce sod that performs well under many climatic and maintenance conditions while maintaining a lush green turf. Choose Ninja 3 Turf Type Tall Fescue -- the latest in NTEP rated varieties offered by Ampac Seed.

Technical data herein is solely a compilation of observations from various geographical areas, conditions, and laboratory tests. Growing results, including varietal characteristics and performance, vary depending on region, climate, soil, seed enhancements, environmental conditions, local management practices and other factors. AMPAC Seed DOES NOT GUARANTEE growing success. Any technical advice by AMPAC Seed concerning the use of its seeds is given without charge. Therefore, AMPAC Seed disclaims any warranty and disclaims all liability for such advice.