Rival™ Brand Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass

Rival™ Brand

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Profuse tillering

Excellent palatability

High energy/feed quality

Vigorous growth/re-growth

Very high sugar content

Good Rust Resistance

Excellent Productivity

Excellent Palatability/Digestibility

Quick to Establish

Good Winter Hardiness


Rival™ Brand Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass is a high yielding, disease resistant type that provides a large amount of excellent quality forage in a short period of time. Rival™ Brand is a top choice for multiple harvest systems where short rotations, companion establishment and/or final year transition forage is desired. Rival™ Brand performs well straight seeded or in mixes for green chop, haylage, hay, or for the intensive grazier.

Other Info

For the livestock producer, annual ryegrass, especially a tetraploid annual ryegrass, like Rival™ Brand, can be a very valuable tool. Because both annual and perennial ryegrasses establish easily, they are well suited for pasture renovation and minor field repairs. Producers can sow ryegrass in either late-summer, early fall or spring. Annual ryegrass is also beneficial for use with alfalfa as an establishment crop as well as a final year transition crop.

Seeding Rates:
New fields/pasture: 30-40 lbs/acre (tetraploid seed is about twice the size of diploid seed, thus requiring higher seeding rates).
Renovation/overseeding existing fields/pastures: (Note Seeding Rate for pasture/hay field renovation varies according to the quality/quantity of the forage in the field.)

20-30 lbs/acre pastures
3-5 lbs/acre alfalfa hay field

Method of Seeding:
Use a Brillion seeder, a no-till drill or culti-packer after broadcasting. Frost seeding can also work well. Seed to soil contact is vital to having a successful stand. Plant 1/4" deep. Rival™ Brand establishes quickly but weed control and proper management on initial grazings is vital to stand establishment.

Annual ryegrass is a luxury consumer of Nitrogen and can utilize as much as 400# N/acre in intensive harvest situations. Fertilize in multiple, smaller increments. However, fertilize according to local recommendations for the yield desired in your individual situation.

Grazing and Harvest Tips:
Rival™ Brand establishes rapidly, but plants should be firmly rooted prior to first grazing. Rival™ Brand is highly palatable; avoid over grazing. Graze at approximately 10-12 inches and remove animals when grazed down to 3-4 inches. When grazing Rival™ Brand, reduce grain levels and consider adding more fiber to the ration. If machine harvesting, disc mowers and drum mowers are highly preferred. For high quality hay, harvest 1st cutting at boot stage.