For golf, this is the number one grass! Find out what it takes to build your own backyard putting green here.



LS-44 is a new creeping bentgrass with a high density rating that provides a true, virtually grainless putting surface under various mowing heights without thatch buildup.


Developed for grainless greens, PennLinks became an instant success when introduced in 1987. PennLinks has upright, dense growth for true putting. PennLinks has fine texture and heat tolerance.


The standard for creeping bentgrass since 1955 and still the most specified bentgrass for golf courses. Penncross recovers quickly from injury and divots and has good heat and wear tolerance. First choice of golf course architects and superintendents.


Certified Pennway contains 35% Penncross, 15% PennLinks, and 50% Penneagle for a high quality blend with genetic diversity.


The top performing fairway bentgrass. Penneagle germinates quickly. Penneagle's upright, dense growth habit helps crowd out Poa annua. Penneagle is salt tolerant.


Penn A-4 has proven its performance on top courses over a broad range of climates and elevations, providing a near perfect putting surface.


Penn G-6 has shown exceptional vigor and is recommended for new and overseeding. Penn G-6 establishes quickly and will crowd out Poa annua.