Turf Seed

For over 20 years, Ampac has been a worldwide supplier of improved turfgrass genetics. Our seeds have been used on soccer fields in Australia, city squares in China, backyards in Kentucky, schools in Chicago, and thousands of front yards throughout the world. Whether your interest is a front lawn on the coast of Maine, an office park in Melbourne, a cricket field in Argentina, a golf course in Arizona, or a backyard overlooking the Alps, we can help you.

Within this section of our website, you will find information on many of our more popular grasses. Be sure to visit Turf Perfect® where you can learn about our best mixes, and our Library/Links page for resources on new lawn establishment, turf renovation, and backyard putting greens.



For golf, this is the number one grass.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Premium lawns are made of it.

Fine Fescue

Fine textured turfgrasses that are adapted to the cool temperate regions of the United States.

Perennial Ryegrass

America's most popular turfgrass.

Tall Fescue

Known to be very efficient water users, tall fescues have also become very attractive, slower growing, and denser.

Turf Perfect® Blends and Mixes

Turfgrasses specially formulated for specific regions and climates.

How-to Info

Information on how to establish a new lawn, renovate your existing lawn, control lawn diseases, or even build your own backyard putting green!