Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass is widely used as a permanent turfgrass species in temperate climates and as temporary cover in over seeded situations in the Southern United States. Quick germination and strong seedling vigor make perennial ryegrass the turfgrass of choice in situations where a quick cover is desirable of damaged areas needing repairs.

Genetically improved cultivator characteristics such as darker green color, finer leaf texture, and better mowing characteristics make the improved perennial ryegrass comparable to Kentucky Bluegrass in appearance.

Amazing XL

This variety is persistent when sown for permanent turf and has exceptionally dark green color and high turf density.


Ranks in the top of 2016 NTEP trials (2020 data), once again ushering in the next generation of Perennial Ryegrass OF the future.

Green Supreme

One tough turf with superior drought and salt tolerance confirmed by its top of the page rating in the latest NTEP.

Pleasure+® Perennial Ryegrass Blend

Blend of three or more of our ryegrasses.

Pals® Blend

Price competitive two-way blend of perennial ryegrasses.

Turf Perfect® Blends & Mixes

Turfgrass blends and mixes specially formulated for specific regions and climates.