Portfolio Perennial Ryegrass


Outstanding Turf Quality

Dark Green Genetic Color (6.8 out of 9 NTEP)

Brown Patch Tolerance

Fast Establishment

Seedling Vigor

Excellent Gray Leaf Spot Resistance


With genetic material from plots in Oregon and New Jersey, Portfolio is an advanced poly cross that yielded a cultivar with excellent summer stress resistance, germination, and establishment rates.

Portfolio (PPG-PR423) was entered into the 2016 NTEP 2016 Perennial Ryegrass Trial. This cultivar was a solid performing cultivar throughout the entire trial. Portfolio was in the top 25% of entries a maximum of 47.8% with a 6.0 Quality Mean (LSD .3).

The disease package from the New Jersey plots contributed to Portfolio having excellent resistance to Gray Leaf Spot, top cultivar ranked a 9.0, Portfolio ranked an 8.7 (LSD1.5). Brown Patch, top cultivar was a 7.8, Portfolio was a 7.2, 12th below the top cultivar. (9 = no disease)

Salt tolerance is above average with Portfolio. Portfolio was near the top of the Percent Living Ground Cover in summer. Top cultivar was a 60.0% and Portfolio was a 53.3%, 4th cultivar from the top.

Overall turf quality Group #1 2017 Date, Portfolio was a 7.3, it was one of 3 cultivars that were at the top at a 7.3, LDS was a .9. Portfolio was the top cultivar in the North Central Region (IA, IL, MI, MN, NE). Portfolio was one of the top cultivars in the Northeast region as well.

In Gray Leaf Spot, Portfolio ranked an 8.7. Top cultivar was a 9.0. Portfolio has excellent spring green up at 6.2, top cultivar was a 6.6. Genetic Color ranking, Portfolio was a 6.8, top cultivar was a 7.4. Green Supreme + was a 6.8.

Other Info

New Lawn Seeding Rates
7-10 lbs/1,000 sq ft

Overseeding Rates
Greens: 30-40 lbs/1,000 sq ft
Fairways/Tees/Other: 10-15 lbs/1,000 sq ft