Fine Fescue

Fine Fescues are very fine textured turfgrasses that are adapted to the cool temperate regions of the United States and Canada. The family of fine fescues comprises Creeping Red Fescue, Hard Fescue, Sheep's Fescue and Chewing Fescue. Commercial and residential turf situations are the primary use of fine fescues.

Fine fescues have the best shade tolerance of the cool season turfgrasses and are often used in mixtures with Kentucky Bluegrass where shade is present. Cold tolerance of these species is excellent. However, the fine fescues have a poor wear tolerance and should not be used in athletic fields or areas of high traffic.

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Gibraltar GOLD Creeping Red Fescue

The latest Strong Creeping Red Fescue released from Rutgers now commercially available. With high endophyte levels present, performance increases under heat and drought conditions.

Rushmore Chewings Fescue

With its excellent resistance to Red Thread and Summer Patch, drought tolerance and recovery, Rushmore persists in the toughest turf challenges.

Fults Alkali Grass

One of the most salt-tolerant grasses available. Tolerates soils of 8.0.

DOT Low Maintenance Mix

A combination of chewings, hard, and creeping red fescue. Excellent for slopes.

Turf Perfect® Blends and Mixes

Turfgrass blends and mixes specially formulated for specific regions and climates.