Maris Kestrel Kale is a leafy hybrid variety kale with short stems. Bred for low stem fiber content and high digestibility.

Major Plus*

Major Plus is a red skinned, yellow fleshed bulb with a broad elliptic shape and medium green leaves.

Pasja Hybrid Forage Brassica*

An early maturing hybrid forage brassica bred for rapid growth and high performance. Great summer forage.

Bonar Forage Rape*

An late maturing forage rape with short stems and large leaves for high forage yield and quality.


Appin forage turnip - bred for fast, vigorous establishment and quick maturity.

Oasis Forage Chicory

A high yielding, broad leaved perennial herb with excellent feed value for livestock.

*A product of the Germinal Research Program, licensed by Wrightson Research of New Zealand.

**A product of Wrightson Research of New Zealand.