Pasja Hybrid Forage Brassica


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High multiple yields

Excellent summer forage

Leafier than other brassicas

Suitable for all stock classes

A flexible grazing option

High phosphate uptake


Pasja is an early maturing (50-70 days) hybrid forage brassica. It has been bred for rapid growth and high performance, with a high leaf-to-bulb ratio. Pasja can be used over a much longer period of time than the traditional rape cultivars. It has excellent re-growth ability and will provide good leafy summer feed. Annual Forage Quality Data

Pasja is very productive and has produced over 4 tons of dry matter per acre. It produces exceptionally leafy forage with good nutritional value.

Other Info

Pasja can be used to supplement or extend the grazing season when cool season pastures tend to slow down. It adds high quality forage to the summer diet and can be sown along with BMR-Sorghum-Sudangrass. It will re-grow along with the sudangrass and provide multiple grazings. If sown with cereal grains or annual ryegrass in the spring or late summer, Pasja will provide excellent tonnage and high quality forage for multiple grazings. Pasja works well flown into standing corn with rye, oats and annual ryegrass in late summer. Pasja can also be used as a break crop in order to convert older pastures to different species and newer varieties. An annual crop gives a bigger window to eliminate old undesirable forage through the use of herbicides, tillage and competition of the brassica crop itself.

Sowing and Establishment:
Pasja should be seeded at 3-5 lbs. per acre when direct drilled. Use a higher rate when broadcasted. There should be 60lb/acre of available phosphate for sowing brassica crops. We also advise against fertilizing with sulfur-containing fertilizers.

Grazing Management:
Allow at least 6 weeks before grazing Pasja and then expect to re-graze at approximately monthly intervals. Overgrazing can damage the crown and should be avoided. Graze Pasja before it flowers.

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