Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is adapted to the temperate and transitional zones of the United States. Excellent heat and drought tolerance make tall fescue adaptable to the low and medium maintenance situations in the transition zone (such as athletic fields). Genetically improved cultivars have better color and finer leaf texture than the forage type cultivars. Although improvements have been made, the new improved tall fescues are still courser than Kentucky Bluegrass.

Tall fescue should be seeded alone, or in some situations, may be seeded with some Kentucky Bluegrass. If Kentucky Bluegrass is added to tall fescue seed mix, no more than 10% K. Bluegrass by weight should be used. Tall fescue is a bunch type of grass. Thus, to maintain good density, yearly overseeding is recommended.

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Strong and tough, yet dark green and fine leaved. Well-suited to any turf situation.

Royal Star

Dark Green and Fine Leaf texture equal an excellent turf quality. Great for blending.

Cochise IV

The Legend continues...Cochise IV is the latest in the Cochise line of our top-rated Turf Type Tall Fescues.


The Next Generation in Spreading Turf Type Tall Fescues. Also exhibits improved salt tolerance.

Cochise III

One of the best tall fescues available today with high endophyte levels and excellent turf quality.

Ninja 3

Ninja 3 Turf Type Tall Fescue continues the Ninja tradition as a hard fighting variety demonstrating excellent shade tolerance, sod strength, and brown patch resistance as reported in the latest NTEP trial, 2008/2009 data.

Overtime Tall Fescue Blend

Combines the strengths of AMPAC's proprietary turf-type tall fescues.

Turf Perfect® Blends & and Mixes

Turfgrass blends and mixes specially formulated for specific regions and climates.