Sidewinder Turf Type Tall Fescue

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Superior Overall Turf Quality

Dark Green Genetic Color

Traffic Tolerant

Excellent Sod Strength

Early Spring Green Up

Improved Disease Resistance

High Salt Tolerance

Improved Spreading Activity

The Next Generation in Spreading Turf Type Tall Fescues...

Sidewinder Turf Type Tall Fescue (IS-TF-138), Ampac's new top ranking spreading type has proven to be a first rate contender among its peers in the latest NTEP trials. Sidewinder made its debut on the front page for overall turf quality across the U.S. (Schedules A and B) making it a variety that you can be confident will perform in your area.

Sidewinder shows improved salt tolerance compared to other tall fescues. Not only superior tolerance to saline, but also demonstrated the most vigor and health. With this added benefit of high tolerance to salt, Sidewinder can also be used where saline conditions may occur. For salinity trial information click here.

Semi-dwarf in growth habit, Sidewinder is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications including sod farms, athletic fields, parks and home lawns. Sidewinder demonstrates an excellent overall disease rating and ranks high in the resistance to Brown Patch. In addition, Sidewinder is dark green and dense making it the preferred choice for the Perfect turf you desire.

Other Info

Sidewinder Salinity Tolerance Data
Base soil was altered to an approximate level of 9.7 ms/cm (mho/cm) Total Soluble Salts (high), with Sodium at 38.2 meq/100g (8786ppm) to mimic frequent adverse soil conditions in the western U.S. Temperatures during the test were kept at 80-100 degrees F during the day and 45-55 degrees F at night. Plants had minimal drought conditions during the test, with soils remaining moist.

Sidewinder NTEP Data

Technical data herein is solely a compilation of observations from various geographical areas, conditions, and laboratory tests. Growing results, including varietal characteristics and performance, vary depending on region, climate, soil, seed enhancements, environmental conditions, local management practices and other factors. AMPAC Seed DOES NOT GUARANTEE growing success. Any technical advice by AMPAC Seed concerning the use of its seeds is given without charge. Therefore, AMPAC Seed disclaims any warranty and disclaims all liability for such advice.