Forage Soil Charts

These charts have been reproduced by permission from Michigan State University. Source: adapted from Miller (1984).

Forage crops classified according to soil pH sensitivity
Very sensitive to acidity
Optimum pH 6.5-7.0

Slight tolerance to acidity
Optimum pH 6.0-6.5

Moderate tol. to acidity
Optimum pH 5.5-6.0

Alfalfa Corn Alsike clover
Barley Crimson Clover Bahiagrass
Smooth bromegrass Dalligrass Bermudagrass
Sweet clover Kentucky bluegrass Birdsfoot trefoil
Ladino clover Lespedeza
Orchardgrass Meadow Fescue
Red clover Oats
Rye grass Pearl millet
Timothy Redtop
Wheat Reed canarygrass
Tall fescue

Tolerance to soil limitations for several hay and silage forage species

Crop Seedling Vigor Droughty Wet Low pH
(below 6.0)
Alfalfa Moderate High Low Low
Birdsfoot trefoil Low Moderate High High
Red Clover High Low Moderate Moderate
Sericea lespedeza Low High Low High
White Clover Moderate Low High Moderate
Bahiagrass Low High Low High
Bermudagrass Moderate High Moderate Moderate
Orchardgrass High Moderate Moderate Moderate
Perennial ryegrass High Low Moderate Moderate
Reed Canarygrass Low High High High
Smooth bromegrass High High Moderate Moderate
Tall Fescue High Moderate Moderate High
Timothy Moderate Low Low Moderate