Freedom Alfalfa


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High yield

Very persistent

Improved standability

Very high forage quality

Potato leafhopper resistant


Freedom brand alfalfa is a high yielding variety with high genetic resistance to potato leafhopper injury. It consists of two elite varieties from the latest generation of PLH resistance breeding and was selected for the glandular hair trait, persistence and yield. Freedom has medium tall, leafy plants with a semi-erect growth habit and medium dark green foliage. Freedom has very good forage quality.

Other Info

Management Keys:
Best adapted to geographies where potato leafhopper is an annual threat and for growers who choose not to use or regularly use insecticides to control the potato *leafhopper. Fits 3 or 4 cut harvest systems and all geographic areas where fall dormancy 2, 3 or 4 varieties are recommended. Medium maturity to first flower and average rate of recovery after harvest. Not tested under intensive grazing. No known soil type or management limitations.

*Under severe potato leafhopper feeding pressure, the use of an insecticide may maximize forage quality and yield.