StarFire II Red Clover

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Very High Yielding

High Leaf to Stem Ratio

Very High Disease Resistant

Excellent Persistence

Aggressive Growth

Excellent for Grazing


Starfire II is an exciting new medium red clover that was bred for multiple harvesting for multiple years. Starfire II shows a nice advancement over StarFire and other red clovers in yield and persistence. Starfire II combines high yield, improved persistence, a strong disease package and the ability to be cut three to four times per year. Starfire II is an excellent choice for top dairy or beef producers.

Other Info

Method of Seeding:
Use a Brillion seeder, a no-till drill or a culti-packer is ideal. Frost seeding also works well, especially if the animals are allowed to "hoof" it into the existing pasture. Seed to soil contact is vital to having a successful stand. Take caution to not plant the seed more than 1/4" deep. Starfire establishes quickly, but weed control and proper management on initial grazings is vital to stand establishment.

Seeding Rates:
New hay fields/pasture:

- Seeded with alfalfa: 2-3 lbs/acre
- Seeded in pasture: 2-5 lbs/acre

Renovation/Overseeding existing fields/pastures:

(note: seeding rate for pasture/hay field renovation varies according to the quality/quantity of the forage in the field).
- Pastures: 3-7 lbs/acre
- Alfalfa Hay Field: 2-4 lbs/acre

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Star Fire II